Please ask God to provide a job this week-I expect a rental demand letter this week – companies use intermittent reinforcement and disappear and then reappear but never hire and I need work NOW. Highly educated and qualified, great references, hard worker and have prayed and applied and interviewed for weeks – rent is past due and I need prayers to keep the faith, rather than fear, bills backlogged 3 months – please pray that God will please send a job to me. There is no money to pay – I need work not more job search. I worked through high school and college to get a high quality education and am willing to negotiate with companies on the budget for amount paid and be reasonable. Please pray for God’s mercy for success. I don’t want to move to the street and need money to pay rent so must have a job. They say they can’t find workers but I am available to work and they should hire – please ask God’s intervention for work – I need to pay the bills and am worn out from 16 hour days looking, meetings, calls etc. I have 2 side gigs that have fallen off and my main work cut to nothing and must have work now. The rent must be paid and nobody to borrow from. Lease renews before the end of the month -if I cannot pay the rent then they could refuse to renew. Ask God to protect me and give me work. I have God so ask him to please protect and bless me with work. Thank you for praying for me.

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